EWRT 1B-66Z and 68Z
Yeganeh Modirzadeh
Winter 2014

Important Dates:

January 18 Last day to drop for a full refund

January 20 Last day to drop with no record of grade

February 28 Last day to drop with a "W"

Location: Online
Office Hours: Monday 10:00-11:00 a.m. Online
E-mail: modirzadehyeganeh@fhda.edu (E-mail is checked daily)

You must have completed EWRT 1A or ESL 5 with a grade of "C" or better. If you have taken and successfully passed EWRT 2 before, you may not need to take this course, depending on your transfer destination. Consult your academic adviser before you take this course.

Required Texts and Course Materials

Recommended Texts

Course Description
EWRT 1B is a five-unit course that applies reading and research to writing. This on-line course requires you to spend at least 5 hours a week completing online assignments and participating in forum discussions in addition to the time that you will spend on reading and writing your essays.
This course is designed to develop a wide range of academic skills from critical thinking, research, text analysis and interpretations to reading and writing complex essays.

Course Objectives
By the completion of this course you will:

Course SLOs (Student Learning Outcome)

  1. Demonstrate analytical skills in the reading of literary (and non-literary) texts linked by common theme or issue.

  2. Demonstrate analytical, organizational, verbal, and research skills in writing focused on common theme or issue.

  3. Comparatively evaluate multiple points of view and integrate them in analytical research paper.


Important Policies

             All essays 74 and lower must be revised. This revision is due one week after you receive your essay grade.

             Only one essay 75 and higher may be revised. This revision is due by the end of the quarter.

Grading Criteria: A score of 75 on your essay counts as passing, but anything less does not. All essays must state a clear thesis followed by several well-composed body paragraphs supporting the thesis with sufficient evidence and examples from the readings and from outside the readings. Essays must be edited and proofread before they are submitted.

Your Essay score         Letter Grade

97-100                            A+

94-96                              A
90-93                              A-
87-89                              B+
84-86                              B
80-83                              B-
78-79                              C+
75-77                              C
70-74                              D+
66-69                              D
60-65                              D-
59 and below                 F
No C- is given at De Anza College