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DMT 60A (Beginning), DMT 61A (Intermediate)
DMT 62A (Advanced), DMT 63A (Surface Modeling)

Winter CAD classes begin Monday Jan. 8th 2018

The required SolidWorks software is available as a FREE downloads to our enrolled students.


All CAD classes available as an online option "TBA". Online Education information.



DMT 60A -Solidworks (Beginning): 

Text Book for Winter 2018:

Engineering Design with SolidWorks 2017


Class outlines: (basic info)

DMT 60A  SolidWorks  (Beginning) 

  • DMT 60A




DMT 61A -Solidworks (Intermediate): 


Text Book for Winter 2018:

Drawing and Detailing with SolidWorks 2014


Class outlines: (basic info)

DMT 61A  SolidWorks  (Intermediate) 

  • DMT 61A 


Legacy Video Lectures on 3CMedia

DMT 62A - SolidWorks: Top-Down Design and Advanced System Tools.



Text Book for Fall 2017:

SolidWorks 2017 Advanced Techniques

By Paul Tran CSWE, CSWI


Recommended Text Book:

Official Guide to Certified SolidWorks Associate Exams: CSWA, CSDA, CSWSA-FEA  SolidWorks 2012 - 2015
By David C. Planchard CSWP



DMT 63A -Solidworks (Surface Modeling): 


Text Book:

SolidWorks Surfacing and Complex Shape Modeling Bible : By Matt Lombard








FREE Supplemental class material.

Engineering Graphics and Design: With Graphical Analysis  

By Louis Gary Lamit


SOLIDWORKS World: Solution to Model Mania




De Anza CAD Projects


What is SolidWorks?   What is parametric, feature-based modeling?  


Other useful resources of interest.


Parametric Design - Chapter 5 from: Engineering Graphics and Design by Gary Lamit


What is parametric, feature-based modeling?  - Wikipedia


Silicon Valley SolidWorks User Group  - "SVSWUG"


GoEngineer YouTube Videos


De Anza College is an official

SolidWorks CSWA & CSWP Provider:


DMT 60A Book:

Engineering Design with SOLIDWORKS 2017



DMT 61A Book:

Drawing and Detailing with SolidWorks 2014 

 DMT 62A Book:

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Advanced Techniques


DMT 63A Book:,204,203,200_.jpg

SolidWorks Surfacing and

Complex Shape Modeling Bible:

By Matt Lombard


Also available in Google Play




Parametric feature based modeler 


Supplemental class material:

Engineering Graphics and



Associate Exams: CSWA,






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