Disability Information Student Handbook

Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations
General Accommodations

Parking, Campus Accessibility, and Reporting Barriers

De Anza College is a relatively accessible campus. There are a few classrooms that have alternate wheelchair entrances. The campus map is marked with access features, but should you need assistance, see your DSS counselor. If you encounter a barrier or a temporarily inaccessible route, contact DSS. You may be asked to file a "Barrier Report Form", if necessary, which will help DSS evaluate the problem and develop a solution.


Parking - DMV

Students who have a Department of Motor Vehicle disabled person placard or license plate do not need to purchase a De Anza parking sticker. Parking is permitted in any specially marked disability parking place or in any staff-designated space or lot. Parking is not permitted in walkways, on lawns, or other locations generally considered illegal.

Students who do not have a DMV placard or license plate
or if you are awaiting a placard or license plate, but whose disability warrants special parking, you can be issued a temporary De Anza disability parking permit.


Parking - De Anza Disability Parking Permit

The De Anza disability parking permit allows you to park in the student parking lots or spaces designated for Staff, except Lot A1.

Steps to receive a De Anza College disability permit:
    • See your DSS counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist for authorization.
    • Purchase a regular De Anza parking permit.
    • Bring this De Anza parking permit and your automobile information (make, model, year and license number) to the DSS Secretary in RSS Building, room 141.
    • You will receive an additional hanger parking permit to display along with your regular campus parking permit.


  • You may NOT park in “handicapped” spaces marked with the blue wheelchair insignia. These spaces are reserved for vehicles with DMV plates or placards only. Anyone without DMV plates or placard risks receiving a very expensive city parking citation which the campus cannot revoke.


Campus Orientation

Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the campus and locate their classrooms before the quarter begins. If you would like help locating your classrooms or need escort service to a special campus appointment, please contact Mobility Services located in RSS 141 (408-864-8412) 


Campus Services Assistance

Students who have challenges that may necessitate assistance in the cafeteria, bookstore or library should inform their DSS counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist for possible solutions which may include contacting a staff member in that location with an assistance request.

In such cases, a student needs to be aware that during busy periods he or she may have to wait for staff availability or may need to return later. If you will require assistance during a typically busy time, it is advisable to prearrange an appointment with the department.  Discuss possible needs in advance with your DSS counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist.  Assistance needs examples:

  • Library
    • Pulling books from bookshelf
    • Assistance photocopying reference materials
  • Bookstore
    • Bypass line
    • Assistance gathering or carrying materials/books
  • Cafeteria
    • Bypass line
    • Assistance handling trays and seating


Mobility Services, RSS Room 141 - 408-864-8412

A shuttle service is available to students with temporary or permanent disabilities that affect their mobility. The shuttle service operates between major campus buildings and is available from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Steps to arrange for shuttle service:
    • Meet with your DSS counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist for authorization
    • Provide your class schedule to Mobility Services.
    • The top priority is to provide shuttle services to and from classes.
    • Shuttle service to special on-campus appointments or activities must be prearranged and are only available when the regular class transportation schedules permit it.
    • The student must meet the shuttle at the designated meeting place and time.
    • The student must notify Mobility Services as soon as possible if they will not meet a regularly scheduled pick-up. Failure to notify three (3) times in a quarter may result in suspension of their Mobility Service.
    • If your class finishes early, call Mobility Services and wait at the appointed place.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to inform Mobility Services if changes occur that affect their mobility service needs.
    • Shuttle service may be provided, as available, for emergency situations (such as after a fall, wheelchair malfunctions, unexpected heavy rain, etc.)
    • Seat belts and ties-down are to be used at all times and safety instructions are to be observed.
    • Shuttle service may be cancelled due to driver absence, mechanical problems or for other unforeseen reasons.

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