Disability Information Student Handbook

Disability Information Student Handbook

Section Three: DSPS Division Instruction

Educational Assistance Course Offerings

Educational Assistance Courses on and off campus are offered by DSPS and are open to:

  • all students with verified disabilities and
  • other college students who can benefit from the instruction.

Check the current class schedule or web schedule at   http://www.deanza.edu/schedule/ for a complete list of current course offerings (SPED, GUID, PEA). These courses generally require contact with the program or staff responsible, as listed in the schedule.

For a current list and description of the courses offered by the Division, go to the DSPS website page on Educational Assistance Classes (formerly called "special classes") at http://www.deanza.edu/dsps/classdesc.html 

Sign Language Courses (SIGN) are at.http://www.deanza.edu/sign.html.


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