Disability Support Services/Deaf Services

Disability Support Services/Deaf Services

Note-taking Services

Deaf and hard of hearing students may use the note-taking services in Disability Support Services (DSS).

Students using classroom captioning services receive a transcript of the class meeting.  To have a record of any written information during the class period, students need to solicit a volunteer from the class. Note-taking (NCR) paper can be picked up from the DSS office for use by the volunteer note-taker.

To participate in the note-taking program for a volunteer note-taker to be paid a stipend at the end of the quarter students need to make an appointment with the DSS counselor.  Paid stipend note-taking requires the approval of a DSS counselor. 

For more information, see Note-taking Assistance on the DSS web-site and the note-taking policy and procedures in the DISH.

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Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services
Building: LCW 110
Contact: Rosemary Jensen
Phone: 408.864.8755 (V/VP)
Email: deafservices@deanza.edu
Disability Support Services Building: RSS 141
Contact: Patricia Whelan
Phone: 408.864.8753
TTY: 408.864.8748


Last Updated: 1/27/12