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How to Apply for and Receive EDC Services

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Educational Diagnostic Center services are provided to students who have learning disabilities that have been documented by

  • an outside professional who is qualified to diagnose learning disabilities and completed within the three last years.
  • documentation from another college with an indication of a specific learning disability.
  • a high school Individual Education Plan within the past three years, including the most recent testing report from the school psychologist.
  • a learning disability assessment at De Anza's Educational Diagnostic Center.
Students who have completed an assessment should provide a copy to EDC.

The EDC can provide an assessment for enrolled De Anza College students who have never been identified or diagnosed in order to establish their eligibility for EDC services and appropriate accommodations for college.

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A comprehensive standardized evaluation by a trained professional is necessary to qualify a student for accommodations and EDC services.  An evaluation:

  • assesses the specific learning differences involved and
  • determines whether the learning problems result from a learning disability or from other possible causes.
Documentation from high schools should include both the student's IEP or 504 plan and the psychological report.

A psychological report documenting the disability should include:

  • Cognitive ability test standard scores (usually the WAIS III/IV or WJ III).
  • Achievement test standard scores (usually the WIAT II or WJ III).
  • Educational limitations
  • Recommended accommodations and services
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Steps to Apply for EDC Services

Step 1  Attend an Information Meeting
  • Information Meetings are held monthly during the school year and summer session with additional special Transition meetings in the spring for high school students and parents.
    • If your schedule is such that you cannot attend an Information Meeting, contact the EDC receptionist.
  • Bring a copy of any prior documentation to the Information Meeting, if the documentation is dated within the past three years

  • If you have NEVER been tested before and are interested in having an assessment for a learning disability, you will fill out an Service Request Form at the Information Meeting.
Step 2  Schedule an EDC Intake Appointment

An EDC staff member will call to set up an appointment for you to meet with an EDC advisor.  EDC advisors are credentialed learning disability specialists.

  • Appointments are scheduled based on the availability of EDC advisors.
Step 3 Attend the EDC Intake Appointment

At that meeting, the EDC advisor will review your eligibility documentation, and

  • If your documentation makes you eligiblefor EDC services
    • a Student Educational Plan will be completed,
    • accommodations and services will be recommended and discussed,
    • any additional college services or referrals will be made.
  • If a learning disability assessment is needed, the process for you to start your testing will be explained.   Click here for more information on LD testing at De Anza.
  • An additional appointment with the EDC advisor may be scheduled, if necessary.

Students with learning disabilities who are not yet enrolled at
De Anza College will also need to complete the following:

Apply to De Anza College.
  • New and returning students and students returning must submit an on-line college application.
    • New students will be given a De Anza ID number to use in place of their Social Security Number.
    • Students cannot take the Placement Tests until  a college application is on file and the student has an ID number.
Take the college Placement Tests, if applicable.
  • See Placement Testing for DSS/EDC Students for complete information about
    • who needs placement tests
    • how to take them
    • arranging accommodations
  • See the Assessment Center websitefor
    • Drop-In placement testing in basic English, ESL and Math
      • specific days and times
      • no appointment necessary
    • information about advanced level placement tests in Math and Chemistry
  • Placement tests should be completed three weeks prior to EDC Priority Registration.

If you are unsure about whether you should take Placement Tests or if you will need accommodations to do so, discuss this with your EDC advisor.

Make an additional EDC appointment, if necessary.
  • If you have not yet planned you class schedule or accommodations, schedule a meeting with your assigned EDC advisor.
  • Contact the EDC Secretary at 408.864.8839 to make an appointment.
Enroll for classes during the EDC Priority Registration period.
  • Dates for Priority Registration are posted on the web-site.
  • Check with your Advisor or the EDC Secretary.
Pay all college fees.

To be officially enrolled De Anza classes, all EDC students must

  • Complete all required college and EDC paperwork
  • Pay  enrollment fees
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