Emergency Information

In the Event of a Fire

  1. Know the location of fire extinguishers in your area and how to use them.
  2. Activate the building alarm.
  3. Immediately call the Police at 9-1-1. Give your name and describe the location and size of the fire.
  4. For minor fires that appear controllable promptly direct the fire extinguisher contents toward the base of the flames. Get help if necessary. Do Not take unnecessary chances or endanger yourself or others.
  5. For larger fires that are not immediately controllable, or after unsuccessfully using the fire extinguisher, close all doors (Do not lock them) to confine the fire and reduce oxygen.
  6. Evacuate the building by quickly walking to the nearest exit, alerting people as you go. Assist the disabled in exiting the building (see Assisting Students with Disabilities guidelines).
  7. Once outside, move to a clear area at least 50 feet away from the affected building(s). Keep walkways clear for emergency vehicles.
  8. To the best of your ability, and without re-entering the building, assist Police officers/college staff in their attempts to determine that everyone has evacuated safely.
  9. Do not return to a building until told to do so.
  10. If a campus wide evacuation notice is given, evacuate the campus as per instructions in the Evacuation Procedures guidelines.

Emergency Web site
Contact: Sally Gore
Phone: 408.864.8758

Last Updated: 1/27/12