Meet Vida Ajdarian

Vida AjdarianVida Ajdarian, instructional associate in the Hope-De Anza Program since 2006, began working with adults with developmental disabilities in 1995. “Vida is an extremely kind and conscientious employee who has always put the students first and has worked with them in a professional, yet compassionate manner,” says Marilyn Booye, Sr. Program Coordinator with DSPS. “She represents De Anza and the classified staff admirably.”

Monica Sheicih, instructor with the Hope-De Anza Program, says Ajdarian’s professionalism and extremely strong work ethic make her a valuable and respected employee. “She is a role model for her colleagues and the off-campus staff with whom she works on a daily basis,” Sheicih says. “Her always pleasant demeanor and diligence in carrying out her assigned duties and her ability to work effectively with disabled students are great assets.”

Ajdarian explains that her job is to provide services, education and job training to clients with developmental disabilities, as well as clients with a dual diagnosis. “We enable students to achieve an optimum level of functional independence resulting in community-based employment,” she says. “I’m passionate about my job, and I truly enjoy working with our clients.”

Ajdarian has made significant contributions not only to De Anza College and Hope Services but to contracting agencies as well. The CEO of one company who refers business to Hope asked Vida to train his own employees on how to produce a better quality product.

“Vida is such a pleasant team player, and the staff and students love her,” says Sheicih. “I am lucky to be able to work with her every day. She is a fantastic asset to De Anza College and the Hope program.”

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