Meet Shannon Bracy

Shannon BracyYou may not see Shannon Bracy around campus much even though she's worked here for 22 years, but that's probably because she spends most of her time in the athletic training room or at games helping students, coaches and staff.
"Shannon's one of those folks who doesn't seek the limelight or attention," says C. J. Jones, Wellness and Fitness Center coordinator. "She's a team player and supporter."
Bracy's expertise in helping students return to sports after injuries, accidents or surgery is a boon to all who work with her. Jones says she goes beyond the necessary in working with athletes.
"She's more than just an athletic trainer. When Shannon works with students she goes above and beyond the call of duty. She works with them when they're injured, when they're in rehabilitation and when they return to play," Jones says. "Most physical therapists release athletes and then they go back to their normal routine. But if you work with Shannon, she will fill in the gaps."
Bracy loves working with the coaches and athletes at De Anza. "The best things about my job are working with the athletes to rehabilitate an injury and getting them back out to play, seeing them succeed and go on to a four-year college, not just athletically but academically too," she says.
Her mentor for 14 years was Dave Obenour, former athletic trainer at De Anza. "He taught me so much about being patient and happy no matter how stressed I get," Bracy says. "All of the coaches and people here in Athletics and Physical Education get along so well that I truly look forward to coming to work and would not want to work anywhere else."
Bracy has served as president of the California Community College Athletic Trainers Association (CCCATA) for three years and as vice president for six. Her work was recognized with the CCCATA Trainer of the Year award in 2005 and a Special Service Award from the Far West Athletic Trainers Association, which includes Nevada, California and Hawaii.
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