Meet Sandy Cardoza

Sandy Cardoza

Sandy Cardoza recently completed her first year as a member of the De Anza family. Cardoza is the evening supervisor in the Library West Computer Lab, and has worked with libraries and computer-based programs serving students (K -8) in San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

Her work in the Library West Computer Lab requires that she be flexible, friendly and professional. Sandy has also worked with disabled students of all levels, addressing their special needs with competence and knowledge in the lab.

"She is a team player, puts the student's needs first, and the suggestions she brings to the Learning Center as well as the computer labs bring a high level of efficiency to the setting," says Senior Library Technician Alicia Sustaita-Parsons. "I have seen the difference she makes."

Sustaita-Parsons also says Sandy's work ethic and computer skills are exemplary. "Sandy helps students, faculty and staff with any computer issues, and if she can't solve the problem right away, she will find out how and get back to them with a high level of efficiency."

But her computer background is not her only asset; her people skills are are also important to the lab's very diverse computer setting, says Sustaita-Parsons. "When the technical functions students are attempting to do on their computers make them frustrated and demanding, Sandy takes it all in stride. Attitude is so important, and Sandy's attitude rocks."

"I love that part of my job is one of offering a clean, quiet and well-equipped place on campus to all De Anza students," Cardoza says.

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