Meet Rudy Carranza, Employee of the Month

Rudy CarranzaA 19-year veteran of the grounds staff, Rudy Carranza has a great reputation as a reliable, highly skilled member of De Anza's staff. He plays a significant role in graduation ceremony events. Major projects he has had a role in include improvement of playground safety at the Child Care Center and refurbishing the patio area in the recent remodeling of the Campus Center.

"I enjoy working at De Anza," says Carranza, "especially during the annual graduation setups because of the value this ceremony has to the faculty, staff and students."

Mary Ann Washington, of Language Arts, and Cynthia Smith of Budget and Personnel both nominated Carranza. Washington says that she nominated him because he was always available to go the extra mile, and showed remarkable knowledge, reliability and a consistently positive attitude that made him a natural leader. "Rudy is very helpful and professional in all aspects," Washington enthuses, saying that "Rudy's great leadership skills toward faculty, staff and students have been very instrumental" in his success. Smith adds that he is a relevant and important person on campus but often goes unrecognized. She credits him for his contributions to De Anza's "clean and friendly environment" and has observed that he is articulate in expressing opinions and maintaining his professional integrity.

Carranza attributes his success to his coworkers and supervisor. "I feel my time here at De Anza College has been successful because of the excellent communication with my co-workers and our new supervisor, Joe Cooke," he says. "I appreciate the relationship I have with my co-workers and my supervisor's leadership in bringing back a family atmosphere."

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