Meet Patrick Dowling

Patrick DowlingPat Dowling has helped thousands of students as the administrative assistant for the Tutorial and Academic Skills Center. "Pat has an amazing ability to stay positive and patient, even in the most stressful situations and under deadline pressure," says Diana Alves de Lima, coordinator of the center. "He is able to finish a long, challenging project, one that might have undone an average person, then launch right into the next big task without missing a beat. He tolerates frequent interruptions, listening carefully and treating each question with calm competence."
Those skills no doubt come from his 20 years working for a variety of large high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. Dowling says he enjoyed his time in the industry, but always knew deep down that he wanted to eventually work in the education field. "So in the fall of 2002 I began teaching Readiness Lab classes in ESL, reading comprehension and writing. In the spring of 2006, I began my present job in the Tutorial Center," Dowling says.
In addition to his work with students and tutors, Dowling has been an essential resource for a large Student Success Center budget-planning project involving consolidation and tracking of labor and other program expenses. "Pat can see the big picture, but is also diligent and patient enough to check and tally figures line by line," says Alves de Lima.
One of his noteworthy accomplishments was the payroll system he helped develop to track the tutors working in the two tutorial centers. "Pat has become an essential resource for anyone working with student employees," says Alves de Lima. "He is an expert in student hiring procedures and coordinates monthly payroll for more than 200 student tutors and assistants, many of whom have multiple assignments as individual tutors, group tutors, math lab and clerical assistants."
Dowling cares immensely about students and tutors and does everything he can to help. Tutors often comment on how carefully he listens.

"I really love the work I am doing here at the college, helping our diverse student population realize their educational dreams and aspirations," says Dowling. "Every day the students I come into contact with inspire me. Their enthusiasm, drive and willingness to embrace challenges never cease to amaze me. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to be a small part of a wonderful team."

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