Meet Alerie Flandez

Alerie Flandez

Alerie Flandez has been an instructional associate in the Student Success Center programs for the past three years, working primarily at the Writing and Reading Center (WRC). Flandez, who served as an intern for the Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute (APALI) while earning English and psychology degrees at San José State University, began work at De Anza in 2006 as a Readiness teaching assistant.

Flandez's ability to manage day-to-day operations is "impressive" and "exemplary," writes her nominator, Tutorial Center secretary Pat Dowling. "On a typical day, you'll find me wearing many hats," explains Flandez. "I tutor and act as a resource for the tutoring staff for any grammar or reading-related issues, switching to logistical planning and administrative tasks on a moment's notice." Dowling also writes of Flandez's leadership in promoting literary and cultural events at the WRC.

Dowling says that in a time of shrinking budgets and reduced resources, "Alerie has provided an excellent level of a most professional, calm and pleasant manner." Dowling concluded his nomination by remarking on Flandez's "spirit of wanting to help students as much as possible, in a friendly and non-judgmental manner, imbuing this spirit in the student employees she manages."

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