Meet Teri Gerard

Teri GerardTeri Gerard, De Anza's campus budget analyst, says her interest in the logic of numbers surfaced early in life. "I've been hopelessly left-brained ever since," she says.

After graduating college as an accountant, Gerard was hired by the same corporate manufacturing office in which she had done an internship. "As a cost accountant, I do believe I was the only person in the building who enjoyed the annual physical inventory," she says. "I stayed with that company for 10 years and served as accounting manager for six. I'd studied governmental accounting as an elective in college, and eventually transitioned into a senior accountant position at Rogue Community College in Grants Pass, Oregon."

She subsequently moved to Santa Cruz, and approximately three and a half years ago the campus budget analyst position opened here. "The timing must have been right because after only three weeks in Santa Cruz, I came to De Anza as a temporary employee. I later applied for the position, was hired, and have enjoyed being here since."

Berta Pace, Business/CIS Division administrative assistant, says Gerard is always friendly, intuitive and patient with colleagues. "She has a clear, concise understanding of the work she is committed to and continues to conquer Banner challenges, material fees confusion and frantic deadlines in a positive, upbeat manner."

Gerard says, "I am an analyst at heart and remain contented daily as challenged to fulfill the needs of this position. While the implementation of Banner finance may be difficult for some and daunting for others, I decided early on to like Banner. This decision has not always been popular with co-workers, but again, the challenges suit my personality. This new system promises many areas of research and study before we'll be happy with its requirements. However, I continue to be impressed with the results of the information it does provide. We will get there, and patience will be required. I continue to work with district and campus personnel to improve the use of this new system."

Gerard says she has a strong appreciation for education and spent a few years watching for an appropriate opening at a local community college. "I currently serve De Anza College as Classified Senator for the Administration Building as well as Building Monitor in the event of an emergency. I also serve on the Finance and Educational Resources Planning and Budget Team and the Campus Budget Team. I hope to be a part of this experience for many years to come."

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