Meet Max Gilleland 

Max GillelandMax Gilleland worked for 18 months at De Anza in 1998 as an instructional associate in the Computer Aided Design/Computer Digital Imaging (CAD/CDI) Department. After a brief foray into the dotcom world, he found himself out of work. He was welcomed back to De Anza in 2001, first as an instructional associate, and then reclassified in 2006 as a computer laboratory instructional coordinator.

 "One of the biggest challenges in our department is simply keeping up with the constant evolution of a half-dozen industry-leading mechanical engineering CAD platforms," Gilleland says.

CAD/CDI instructor Gary Lamit says, "Max is essential to the functioning of CDI. Without his assistance we would not be able to do the required amount of work to keep the department functioning."

Gilleland assists in creating schedules, coordinates CAD events, helps students load their laptops with CAD software so they can complete their work off campus, performs limited but essential counseling, assists in the organization and paperwork for Perkins Grants to purchase expensive software, and does all the ordering for his department.

"These are things that he does outside of his required job responsibilities of assisting in two adjacent lab rooms at the same time," says Lamit. "It requires that he has a basic understanding of all five of our software packages. He also maintains the lab, loads images of our required software and services all 75 engineering workstations. He also has taken upon himself the reworking of our CDI Web site." Gilleland says he has always felt that his paramount duty is to meet the needs of the community and assist students in class projects.

"It's simply the best job I could ever have. Even as my duties and technological skill evolve to meet the needs of the Business/CIS Division, nothing is more satisfying than helping our student population acquire the needed skills to compete in leading industry engineering companies," Gilleland says.

According to Lamit, "Without Max we would not have the department we have."
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