Meet Kevin Harral, Employee of the Month

Kevin HarralKnowing that he's making a difference in someone's life is the reason Kevin Harral loves his job as Financial Aid Outreach Coordinator. Harral is being honored this May as the Classified Employee of the Month. An employee since 2001, Harral took the challenge to help create a new outreach component of the Financial Aid Office in 2003, when the state mandated a significant increase in the number of students receiving financial aid.
"Cindy Castillo has helped me the most in becoming the employee I am today," he said. "The entire Financial Aid staff has helped me to be successful."
According to Castillo, under his guidance, the number of students receiving a BOG Fee Waiver has increased over 26% since fall 2003. "Kevin helped establish a cohesive working group that augments the college outreach activities and, in particular, provides individual service to our lowest income students," she said.
Harral always works with a smile and a helpful attitude. "Even taking that unhappy student who is financially struggling or mad about something else in their lives and giving them a positive to work towards or giving them hope for a better future is very rewarding," he said. "I think the students who come into our Financial Aid Office looking for help often get assistance that extends beyond financial aid, and includes other aspects of their lives."
Harral is also one of the webmasters for the Financial Aid Office. Last June, he received the "Special Appreciation Award" from Disability Support Services and their students. He has been a classified representative on the Instructional Planning and Budget team and also a member of the De Anza Student Grievance Committee, on which he currently serves as chair.
Harral is married to his wife of eight years, Kelly. He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from UC Davis and a master's degree in social psychology from San Francisco State.
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