Meet Phong Lam

Phong LamAcademic advisor Phong Lam has worked in several key student services departments since 2006, which has expanded her skills and knowledge about De Anza’s student culture. “I believe I have a duty to motivate, mentor and encourage our next generation of leaders,” Lam says. “My current position allows me to work and mentor all students that are willing to obtain a higher education and influence those who need direction.”

Selda Sigala-Aguilar, nominator and co-worker in the Student Success Center, says Lam is critical support for the success of the Math Performance Success (MPS) program. “Phong designed a user-friendly data system for enrollment of potential MPS students,” she says. “She is a whiz on the computer and committed to her work and the students she helps.”

Lam volunteers with the Outreach Office by helping with the annual Open House each spring quarter. “She is good at recruiting fellow co-workers to help with these activities,” Sigala-Aguilar says.

Students also appreciate the extra effort Lam puts into working with them and anticipating their needs. “She listens to students’ concerns or problems and will do anything for them. Phong is dedicated and cares for the us during stressful times in school,” says student Avishan Khosravyani.

Fellow student Madhu Kohli agrees. “Phong has always been available, willing to stay late and work around students’ schedules. She not only provides the students with academic advice, but also with food and snacks from her ‘pantry’ that she keeps for students,” Kohli says. “Only the other day, she brought in a whole bunch of bananas because students in one of the MPS classes had a mid-term, and she thought that many would not have had breakfast.”

Kohli also says, “I wish I had met her earlier during my stint at De Anza and had the opportunity to recommend her to others. She absolutely deserves to be De Anza's Employee of the Month.”

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