Meet Virginia Marquez

Virginia MarquezVirginia Marquez, senior budget specialist for EOPS since 1993, began working at De Anza in 1990 as a part-time employee at the Euphrat Museum of Art. The main focus of her job is to assist in developing the EOPS and CARE budgets and to monitor all spending for the two programs in accordance with Title V regulations. "I am the liaison between the De Anza EOPS office and the State Chancellor's EOPS Office in fiscal matters," Marquez says.
One of her other duties is to coordinate the EOPS Book Service Program. "I've become affectionately known by many EOPS students as 'The Book Lady'," she says. "I work with students to make sure they have completed program requirements to be eligible to receive a book voucher. I also maintain a small lending library in my office to help out students who are especially in need."
Her nominator Selda Sigala-Aguilar, EOPS program coordinator, says Marquez is always eager to explore new ideas. "During last year's budget cuts, Virginia sought out possible donors to help students with the cost of textbooks," Sigala-Aguilar says. "She secured $10,000 for the cause. And when graduation came around she solicited funds for caps and gowns for EOPS/CARE students."
Marquez says her favorite part of her job is interacting with students. "Although I might meet with students about a book voucher, I often identify other services they might need or issues they may have," she says. "Then I make referrals to the appropriate place. I am passionate about helping students and derive a great deal of satisfaction from the transformation many of our EOPS participants make into successful students at De Anza College and beyond."
In addition to her normal work duties, Marquez has participated in many De Anza activities, including Classified Senate, the Diversity Advisory Council, the Student Services Planning and Budget Team, the Campus Budget Team, and on a team for developing the Strategic Initiatives. "I'm also currently serving as one of the standards team chairs for our accreditation self-study," Marquez says.
Marquez holds a bachelor's degree in art history and a master's in higher education administration.
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