Meet Rob Mieso, Employee of the Month

Rob MiesoHe was first hired as a temporary employee for one month with OTI in September 1994, but since then Rob Mieso has become a "one-man show," according to Cindy Castillo, director of Financial Aid & Scholarships and one of his nominators for the award.

"He has single handedly developed a vibrant, critical, thoughtful and successful outreach program for the college," Castillo said. "His work has been highly praised by staff on campus and by high school counselors."

Mieso has been an employment and training adviser with OTI, the SLAMS program coordinator (under his leadership the program went from serving 150 students to serving 500), and now leads De Anza's institutional outreach efforts.

"Outreach now serves more than 50 high schools and hosts a number of major events on De Anza's campus," Mieso said. "I attribute this success to the wonderful supportive people I have worked with over the years building collaborations across the campus."

Kathleen Moberg, dean of Admissions and Records, said Mieso's leadership has clarified the important role outreach has for the college. "Rob has done a phenomenal job of rebuilding relationships with our partner high schools and developing new relationships with high schools in the east Side Union High School District," she said. "His collaborative work style has helped the outreach effort to become much more transparent, effective and inclusive."

Mieso has heightened De Anza's visibility in the community with limited staff and resources. "He's brought new life to our outreach efforts, and the campus has embraced his program by recognizing how important it is to our future," Castillo said.

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