Meet Jorge Morales

Jorge Morales Jorge Morales, outreach assistant in the Office of Outreach and Relations with Schools since July 2007, knows what kind of doors and opportunities community colleges can open. "I'm a former community college student," he says. "I transferred to UC Berkeley in 2001 and graduated in 2004, and I owe it all to community college. Now, as part of De Anza's Outreach team, I speak to students about how amazing this college is and how to be successful once they get here."

Morales has helped expand outreach services to more than 70 high schools, reaching out particularly to Latina/o students in East Jan Jose and Peninsula high schools, and providing support to prospective students and parents.

"Jorge has gone above and beyond his regular job duties by assisting students and parents one-on-one to navigate the enrollment process and connecting them to support services and programs," says nominator Rob Mieso, director of Outreach and Relations with Schools. "Jorge is very reliable, flexible, friendly and easy to work with."

Morales says he is passionate about helping students. "Working for Outreach allows me to help students by encouraging them to continue on with higher education. It is truly an amazing feeling meeting students who think they are not 'college material' only to see them motivated and inspired after one of my classroom presentations," he says. "And it's an even better feeling seeing some of those same students here at De Anza now."

Mieso appreciates Morales's contributions to the college's outreach efforts and his exemplary character. "He has developed strong collaborative working relationships with people across the campus and with our high school partners," Mieso says. "He has provided mentorship and guidance to our student ambassadors and continues to work hard to ensure the success of all students who come to De Anza."

"My experience so far has been amazing to say the least," says Morales. "With Rob's leadership, our office has produced very successful student conferences, reached out to more than 70 high schools and increased enrollment substantially. The success of Outreach would not have happened without our entire Outreach team and everyone who has supported Outreach."

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