Meet Joseph Ng

Joseph Ng

Joseph Ng, senior administrative assistant in the International Student Programs (ISP), is in his eighth year working at De Anza. Prior to his current position, Ng worked at College of San Mateo for 12 years in student services areas such as admissions, assessment, scholarship and counseling.

As the person overseeing all laws and regulations governing international students enrolled at De Anza, he works with various federal agencies, such as the Department of State, Homeland Security, Immigration, Social Security and DMV.

"He has to be on top of all changes in the laws governing international students and deal with huge bureaucracies," says ISP Supervisor Marilyn Cheung. "This is not an easy job, but Joseph has a positive attitude and always gets the job done."

Ng says the best things about his job are meeting with students from all over the world and the endless interpretation and decoding of U.S. immigration regulations. "It is always exciting to meet students and to learn about new cultures every single day. And the frequent and endless updates from the Department of Homeland Security make sure my job is never boring," Ng says.

"Joseph is multi-talented," says Cheung. "He often volunteers to help his colleagues with graphic design or computer and audio/visual equipment." When the tax season starts, Ng also helps international students with their tax questions, she adds.

In his spare time, Ng practices the Chinese martial art of Gung Fu, Lion Dance and Dragon Dance. "I have been participating in the annual Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco for the last 20 years," Ng says. "I was invited to judge at Disney's International Martial Arts Festival in Orlando, Florida, two years ago." And in June 2009, Ng performed at the U.S. Wushu Team Trials' Master Exhibition held at De Anza's gymnasium.

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