Meet Charles Norona

Charles Norono Charles Norona, lab technician for the Physics Department since June 2007, likes the variety of his job. "Most of the time it is like one big hobby period. I get to learn about and use new tools. It's a great way to participate in the education process without being a classroom instructor."

Norona's colleagues can't say enough about his commitment to serving the Physics Department and the college in general. "He has helped teachers and other staff members all throughout the division with the technical aspect of various activities," says David Newton, nominator and physics instructor.

"Charles last year became an integral part of the Engineering Club's victory in the robotics competition between De Anza and Foothill. He was instrumental in the construction and fabrication of the competition's playing area. He did this not only for De Anza but also for Foothill, the friendly competition."

Norona appreciates the freedom he has to follow his own ideas about organizing the lab equipment and scheduling his time to support both day and evening labs. "I'm proud of improving the storage of equipment, starting an online inventory and guide to physics equipment, and building demonstration equipment based on faculty needs and suggestions," he says.

Physics instructor Eduardo Luna praises Norona's work ethic. "He has persistently worked hard to maintain our lab equipment and have it ready for the students. Charles is always willing to help. Whenever I need to do a demo in a lecture or lab, Charles has always promptly had the equipment ready," says Luna. "There are so many other qualities that Charles possesses that make him an outstanding physics technician. We are so lucky to have him working with us."

"In all my years in this department, the equipment has never been this good," says Stephanie Dickson, part-time physics instructor. "His care and attention to detail has created an environment of respect. In addition, Charles is always there to help with whatever project is at hand. Charles should be the employee of the year!"

Norona graduated from Bellarmine College Preparatory high school and from San Francisco State in 2006 with a B.S. in electrical engineering. He is currently taking classes in the Library and Information Science program at SJSU.

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