Meet Jo Ann Okabe Kubo, Employee of the Month

Jo Ann Okabe-KuboJo Ann Okabe-Kubo has been selected Employee of the Month for January. The division administrative assistant in Intercultural/International Studies, she has worked at De Anza for 25 years.

"Jo Ann is one of the most friendly, courteous, helpful and professional people that I have met on the campus," wrote her nominator, Business instructor Jack Lynch. "She sets a great example of running a truly customer-oriented operation and keeps her division's focus on student (customer) success as being De Anza's number one priority."

Okabe-Kubo was pleased that her nomination for the award came from an instructor from another division, observing that "our work is often known within our respective divisions, but not always observed by other divisions' instructors."

What does Okabe-Kubo like best about her job? "The division assistant position is an opportunity to meet and assist students and the public and be that 'smiling face' that they can associate with De Anza College," she said.

Okabe-Kubo has high praise for Intercultural/International faculty and staff: "They are an amazing group of talented and dedicated people to work with, and have provided an opportunity to learn so much about the areas that we teach.

"I couldn't be an Employee of the Month without all of our faculty and staff," she went on to say. "The job that I do reflects the contributions of the grounds staff who make our working environment pleasant to work in, and the purchasing staff at the district who turn around our requests to get material into the classroom, the custodial crew, ETS [staff], who keep the classroom and office computers/media functioning: everyone. I am proud and honored to have been selected from among this dedicated and terrific group of workers."

According to Okabe-Kubo, who spent some of her formative years in Hawaii, "When I do my job well, I have an opportunity to help students, faculty and the dean to be able to do their best jobs possible. It is also my chance to 'live aloha' and share the 'aloha spirit' in as many ways as I can."

Okabe-Kubo earned a B.A. degree in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has also completed a certificate through De Anza's Business division and taken classes at UC Santa Cruz.

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