Meet Berta Pace

Meet Perta PaceBerta Pace, administrative assistant in the Business/Computer Systems Division Office for the past nine years, finds the work fulfilling and challenging. "I love the diversity of my many duties," Pace says.

Pace says working with five departments keeps her very busy. "Faculty and staff and students are always bringing personality and flair into our office. I can honestly say there is never a dull moment."

Scott Osborne, accounting instructor, says, "Berta Pace has been the glue that has held the Business/Computer Systems Division together during our transition from Letha Jeanpierre as dean, through interim dean Jack Lynch, and now to Ron McFarland, our new dean. Despite her the many demands and responsibilities of the job, she is always willing to help students, faculty and staff. Her sense of humor helps us all cope with the stresses of our jobs."

Pace says she was privileged to work on the Employee of the Month committee for five years and is serving her third term on the Classified Senate. She has also served on three hiring committees. She is always willing to help faculty and students, often dropping what she is doing at the time to come to their rescue.

"One time I went rushing into the division office in a panic," says Osborne. "I was in the middle of a midterm exam and I discovered that didn't have enough exams. I was going to copy some extra exams, but was nervous about leaving the class unattended. Without my asking, Berta volunteered to drop what she was doing and copy the exams for me."

Accounting instructor Mia Breen agrees with Osborne. "Berta has worked constantly to keep our division organized and our faculty as organized as possible. This is no easy task," Breen says. "As any division administrative assistant knows, faculty come in many different temperaments and learning styles. Berta puts up with the worst of us, always with courtesy and a broad smile. She has made the division office a happy, congenial place."

That's all part of her philosophy, Pace says. "I believe that as the De Anza community works together we all succeed. When we commit to serve and assist one another, we become a stronger, more positive work force."

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