Employee of the Month Award Recipients, 2006-2007

Karen Villalba, June 2007
"Amidst all of her responsibilities and the high level of stress related to her position, she always stays focused and works with the CDC administration team to make sure that the center runs as smooth as possible."
Karen Villalba
Kevin Harral Kevin Harral, May 2007
"Kevin helped establish a cohesive working group that augments the college outreach activities and, in particular, provides individual service to our lowest income students."
Lisa Sanford, May 2007
"I enjoy working with students. Each day is different in Health Services because of the variety of students who walk through our door. I learn something new every day."
Lisa Sanford
Curtis White Curtis White, March 2007
"Every year we have migrating water birds, which are particularly fond of the fountain in the Sunken Garden. Immediately on the arrival of the first baby ducks, Curtis jumps into action and puts out the wood planks, turns off the jets and raises the water level so that the babies can get in and out of the water."
Diana Contreras, February 2007
"Diana takes pride in what she does and can always be seen maintaining campus facilities and exhausting every available option to do so."
Diana Contreras
Joanne Okabe-Kubo Joanne Okabe-Kubo, January 2007
"She sets a great example of running a truly customer-oriented operation and keeps her division's focus on student (customer) success as being De Anza's number one priority."

Jesus Garcia, December 2006
Kent McGee, November 2006
Rose Angelo, October 2006

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