Employee of the Month Award Recipients, 2011-2012

Mary Campbell, June 2012

For nearly a dozen years, Mary Campbell has dedicated her skills to making hands-on science available to biology students at De Anza College. As a biology lab technician, Campbell has been involved in many different tasks.

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Mary Campbell
Jo Ann Okabe-Kubo


Jo Ann Okabe-Kubo, May 2012

“My parents always said, ‘No matter what happens in life, your education is something that you will have forever. It is something that no one can take away from you.’ I think this was in reference to losing our rights and freedoms with the WW II incarceration of Japanese Americans,” Okabe-Kubo says. Read more.

Pat Cornely, April 2012

Pat Cornely came to De Anza College as a result of a huge layoff at Amdahl in 1993. “I had no idea what I wanted to do for the remainder of my working career because I had planned on working at Amdahl until retirement. In the midst of my career crisis, I received the De Anza College Schedule of Classes,” says Cornely. She opened it to a page with an ad for Environmental Studies and Environmental Compliance informational meetings. Read more.

Silvia Bichler
Lois Jenkins

Phong Lam, March 2012

Academic adviser Phong Lam has worked in several key student services departments since 2006, which has expanded her skills and knowledge about De Anza’s student culture. “I believe I have a duty to motivate, mentor and encourage our next generation of leaders,” Lam says. “My current position allows me to work and mentor all students that are willing to obtain a higher education and influence those who need direction.” Read more.

 Joan Pena-Ferrick, February 2012

It’s lucky for De Anza that Joan Pena-Ferrick is a people person. After nearly 26 years working in the Admissions and Records Office, Pena-Ferrick says she still likes her job as A&R coordinator. “I really enjoy dealing with all types of people, whether they are students, management, faculty or staff,” she says. “I’m inspired knowing I have provided help and direction for them to achieve their goals.” Read more.

Rosa Sousa
Dennis Reed

Dennis Reed, January 2012


Custodian Dennis Reed has worked at De Anza for 11 years and takes his duties seriously and with great pride. “Dennis always goes about his work with an upbeat attitude,” says his nominator, mathematics instructor Janice Hector. Read more

Rosa Sousa, December 2011


Rosa Sousa has worked at De Anza College as a custodian for nearly 10 years. “I like working at De Anza, especially with my co-workers and our students,” Sousa says. “They always make me smile and feel happy." Read more.

Rosa Sousa
Lois Jenkins


Lois Jenkins, November 2011

Lois Jenkins likes working in a creative environment, which the Marketing Office provides on a daily basis. What she likes best about working at
De Anza is “the opportunity to have great friends and colleagues across campus to work, talk and laugh with every day. I’m proud to be part of a college that puts students first.” Read more.

Silvia Bichler, October 2011

Being a De Anza student and immigrant herself and speaking six languages helps Bichler establish an immediate connection to most students. “I like when their faces light up because they feel heard and helped and understood.” Read more.

Silvia Bichler
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