Meet Dennis Reed

Dennis ReedCustodian Dennis Reed has worked at De Anza for 11 years and takes his duties seriously and with great pride. “Dennis always goes about his work with an upbeat attitude,” says his nominator, mathematics instructor Janice Hector.

 On Opening Day last year, a very busy time for custodial staff, Reed insisted on cleaning up some debris that had been left on Hector’s bookshelves, chairs and desk after roof repairs had been completed. As soon as he’d been made aware of the problem, Reed cleaned her office until “it sparkled,” says Hector. It didn’t matter to him that this was an extra request; he just handled it quickly and professionally. “Dennis is definitely the type of employee that De Anza College should honor and hold up as a model for all employees to emulate,” she says.

 “I love the staff and teachers at De Anza,” Reed says. “My manager, Manny DaSilva, and my fellow custodians are wonderful to work with.” He works primarily in the S4 area, the machine shop, the Kirsch Center and the Outdoor Arena.

Reed grew up in East Oakland and attended Castlemont High School and Alameda College. “Thank you for supporting me and my work through Employee of the Month,” Reed says.

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