Meet Shirley Schooler 

Shirley SchoolerShirley Schooler has worked for the district for 18 years, the past 10 as the registration and accountability administrative assistant for the Disability Support Programs and Services Division (DSPS). "I have been blessed to work with such wonderful individuals over the years that share the same vision and dedication in assisting students in reaching their goals," Schooler says.

"Shirley is an excellent employee who has taken on both short- and long-term tasks to ensure the division continued to run smoothly through multiple administrative and staff transitions," says one of her nominators, Marilyn Booye, DSPS Division senior coordinator.

Schooler has taken on the task of Banner SI expert for the DSPS Division and continues to provide assistance and training to her colleagues. While Middle College has been reassigned to the Office of Outreach and Relations with Schools, she has continued to handle all registration duties and works as a liaison between Middle College and the rest of the campus.

"Every year at their commencement ceremony, Shirley is acknowledged for her kindness and warm welcoming demeanor that greets the students to De Anza every year," says Jim Haynes, faculty coordinator for DSPS. "In doing so, Shirley is a wonderful ambassador to those students whose first administrative interaction with De Anza College is with Shirley. It is no wonder they choose De Anza after they have received their high school diploma from the Middle College Program."

Many of her colleagues agree with Haynes and Booye. "Shirley is an outstanding employee who projects a positive and professional attitude every day," says Monica Sheirich, instructor with the Hope program. "She is always willing to assist, despite how busy she is, to help others complete their work on time and with a high degree of accuracy. Without Shirley we could not effectively do the jobs that we do."

Debbie Centanni, EDC director and learning specialist, and the EDC staff call her "self-motivated and self-managed." She is described by the EDC staff as an individual who prides herself on a job well done, who completes work on time, who follows through with her commitments, and who demonstrates a high level of respect for both EDC and DSS staff and for students.

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