Meet Maria Serrano, Employee of the Month

Maria SerranoWhen it comes to Dining Services, few are as likely to consistently serve up excellence than Maria Serrano. And it's something she's done for 17 years.

Those who know her have benefited significantly from her reliability, according to Campus Center Administrative Assistant Eloise Alvarez. "She is very dedicated to her peers," says Alvarez, "knowing the hardship it would cause if she didn't show up." Her sacrifices for the sake of her coworkers have been quiet but significant. Alvarez added, "When her grandson was ill, she would drive all the way to Oakland, see him and come to work on time."

But Serrano doesn't just show up. She brings significant flair and flavor to the kitchen. Campus Center Director Patrick Gannon says that she is "very conscious of making an effort to enhance her work environment." When a recent event required Mexican fare, Dining Services could barely keep up with the demand for her now famous homemade enchiladas.

Alvarez adds that she is personally very happy to know Maria. "She is a happy person who just wants to work and enjoy her life."

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