Meet Dennis Shannakian

Dennis ShannakianDennis Shannakian began working at De Anza College as a student employee in April 1997 and became a full-time classified professional in September 1999 in the Office of College Life. He has served as a Classified Senate senator and president, chief steward in SEIU (the previous classified union), and a member of the board of ACE (Association of Classified Employees, the current union).

“I've served on a number of committees over the years and continue to do so,” Shannakian says. “I've worked with many students throughout the years, and one thing I will say about working in this area is that it doesn't get boring.”

John Cognetta, his nominator and coordinator of Student Activities, says Shannakian has contributed countless hours for the Office of College Life that have improved the success of students and provided service to many college departments as well. “He provides the necessary technical skills for the very popular SmartPass and for student and staff photo IDs,” Cognetta says. “He tracks all the requests for the DASB budget, which affects most college departments, assists students with their computing and website needs, helps with the Flea Market when needed, and is always available to assist any office that seeks his help.”

Cognetta says Shannakian has a “can do” attitude and consistently goes out of his way to help students, even on the weekends. “He will come in on a Saturday if this is the only time a student can come in for a photo ID,” Cognetta says.

“With so many students there's never a shortage of something interesting going on,” Shannakian says. “I'm very happy to have had these opportunities and I couldn't have done it without the support and help of my colleagues, John Cognetta and La Donna Yumori-Kaku, and our dean, Michele LeBleu-Burns.”

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