Meet Rosa Sousa

Rosa SousaRosa Sousa has worked at De Anza College as a custodian for nearly 10 years. “I like working at De Anza, especially with my co-workers and our students,” Sousa says. “They always make me smile and feel happy. They always say thank you to me for doing such a good job cleaning the bathrooms.”

Sousa works the swing shift and is responsible for checking and cleaning all the bathrooms on campus. She also maintains the faculty offices in L-1.

“Rosa is an outstanding employee,” says Manny DaSilva, manager of Custodial Operations. “She always ensures that her area of responsibility is clean to the clients’ satisfaction.”

DaSilva says Sousa is not afraid to take on more duties when fellow custodians are sick or on vacation. “She is dependable, and when she says ‘I’ll take care of it’ management can be assured whatever it is will be done.”

Sousa says she enjoys all the people she comes in contact with. “I love to clean and see the campus clean. I think I’m successful at my job because I really care about it. I care about giving good service to students and staff and faculty. When they’re happy, I’m happy.”

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