Meet Lori Susi

Lori SusiLori Susi, Web and Print Communications Design Coordinator in De Anza’s Marketing/Communications Office, has worked at the college since 1983. She first worked part time as an hourly student employee doing graphic design while the full-time graphic designer was on staff development leave, then became a full-time graphic designer at De Anza in 1990.

Director of Marketing/Communications Marisa Spatafore says Susi is one of the most efficient workers she has ever known and uses her time extraordinarily well. “One example of Lori’s willingness to go above and beyond her typical job duties is her enthusiastic participation in event planning. The special events in which she is involved benefit not only from the creative design required for such events, but also her outstanding organizational skills,” says Spatafore, Susi’s nominator.

Susi attributes her successes, which include numerous state, regional and national design awards over the years from community college professional marketing organizations, to being supported in taking two staff development leaves that sharpened and inspired her creative skills. “They help to recharge my batteries and expose me to what’s new in design and marketing,” she says.

“Lori delivers consistently excellent work on all design projects, large and small. She is extraordinarily creative. In addition, she performs independent research on contemporary design issues and engages in professional development at every opportunity to ensure that her skills, such as in Photoshop, are completely up to date,” says Spatafore.

Susi earned an A.A. in the arts as well as a Certificate of Proficiency in Graphic Design from De Anza. “I like my job because it’s very creative, which is an essential part of who I am,” Susi says. “It gives me a chance every day to exercise my creativity and collaborate on producing quality designs and messages for the college.”

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