Meet Mary Ann Washington, Employee of the Month

Mary Ann Washington, Classified Employee of the Month "Efficient, effective, professional, creative and helpful" are the words that best describe Mary Ann Washington, according to Prachi Balaji of the Language Arts Division office, who nominated Washington for Employee of the Month.

"She is tireless in her service to De Anza and serves on multiple committees, going out of her way to bring changes on our campus," says Balaji, and "is profoundly dedicated to the students and to their success at De Anza and beyond. She recognizes the potential in each student and takes every opportunity to help them reach their potential."

Washington feels she benefits from working with a group of faculty, staff and students that is very diverse, and says she has truly enjoyed learning to work with so many people from so many walks of life. "I'm constantly learning along with faculty, staff and students of all different colors and ethnic backgrounds," she says. "I feel that diversity is an ongoing process, and should be valued with the utmost respect.

"Most importantly, I know I will continue valuing the learning process regarding diversity," Washington concludes.

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