Meet Curtis White, Employee of the Month

Curtis White A combination of heart and skill distinguishes Curtis White's work on campus. He was honored this March as the Classified Employee of the Month.
A Foothill-De Anza employee for almost 21 years, White has worked as a van driver and equipment operator. He currently serves in Operations, maintaining the pool on the De Anza campus. "Since Curtis started in the Physical Education Division, we have had absolutely the cleanest pools and the fewest complaints about 'stinging eye' ever," according to nominators Rich Schroeder, division coordinator for Physical Education and Athletics, and Stephanie Sherman, dean of Biological, Health and Environmental Studies and Workforce Education.
Along with caring for the swimmers who use the pools, he is the De Anza "fountain man" who watches over the migratory birds and their young who visit the campus. As described by Schroeder and Sherman, "Every year we have migrating water birds, which are particularly fond of the fountain in the Sunken Garden. Immediately on the arrival of the first baby ducks, Curtis jumps into action and puts out the wood planks, turns off the jets and raises the water level so that the babies can get in and out of the water. Curtis watches over these feather charges, and, once they are off to another home, restores the fountain back in ship-shaper order."
Seventh in a family of 12 children, White is the father of two grown sons and a grandfather to three girls, with a grandson on the way. White takes pride in his having an open mind to achieve knowledge while on the job or taking field-related seminar classes, as well as sharing knowledge with co-workers. He attended San Jose City College while on a 10-month leave, during which he earned a certificate of completion in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) field and maintained a 3.0 GPA.
According to White, his job is "about helping students, faculty, staff and visitors. Even if I have to go out of my way to do so, I will!"�
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