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Equity Core Teams

Equity Core teams are groups of 4 -5 people within each division representing various perspectives and departments. These teams consist of individuals deeply committed to institutional equity and social justice praxis. This group will work together on guiding the equity planning process within their division. Specifically, the equity core team will focus on the following:

  • assist and facilitate the development of the annual student-equity report as well as a 5-year comprehensive division equity plan
  • liaison with other divisions' equity teams, Equity Action Council (EAC), and with the Equity Office as needed
  • provide quarterly updates on progress, successes, and challenges to the EAC (via meeting attendance and discussion)
  • provide supportive guidance to each department in the division as they work on implementing the equity plan

 Each division will have flexibility and choice regarding the areas of equity, social justice, and multicultural education to focus on as well as format, structure, and process of engagement. Moving forward, each division is asked to commit to updating their student equity plans annually, conducting every five years a much deeper equity strategic plan and climate assessment. The goal is to support the campus community in not only closing the racial and teaching achievement gap/opportunity gap but to also deepen our sense of cultural humility and develop skills for helping each person, and especially, our most vulnerable students, faculty, and classified professionals thrive.

Divisional Equity Liaisons

The role of diversity equity liaison is being created to formalize a partnership and institutional linkages between the Office of Equity, the Equity Action Council, and De Anza’s 16 divisions. The divisional liaisons will serve on both their division equity core team as well as the Equity Action Committee. They will provide invaluable insight and guidance regarding divisional concerns, challenges, implementation successes, and effectiveness of campus equity and social justice efforts.

 The divisional equity liaisons –in partnership with their equity core team- will also support their respective divisions in completing, implementing, and evaluating their annual equity plans. Equity liaisons’ will work closely with their dean, EAC, and Office of Equity to identify critical areas of growth and help guide strategic planning efforts related to these equity plans.

 Equity Planning Checklist

 The process of division or department equity planning is an exciting opportunity to reassess shared vision, mission, and goals and focus on deepening practices that will result in educational equity. Additionally, an essential component of equity planning is considering the shared values we bring to our work and how best to put the values of equity, social justice, and multicultural education into daily practice.

An important first step in this process is securing your guidance or leadership team; an equity core team.  In order to have these conversations, which can be difficult, it is important to have a leadership team (i.e., equity core team) committed to guiding the process, deepening their own cultural humility, and modeling the virtues of social justice consciousness. The accountable person for pulling together the equity core team may be the Equity Action Council Liaison or another member of the team. It is recommended that this team meet weekly for strategic planning and shared support. The following checklist is a tool to assist the equity core team in preparing to guide the equity planning process.

Equity Core Team members will have an opportunity to attend an orientation and skills building workshops annually.


Equity Core Teams and Liaisons

Division Dean Equity Core Team (ECT) Members    Liaison
Admissions and Records  

Diana Contreras

Veronica Aparicio

Biological/Health Sciences/WE Anita Muthyala-Kandula 

Simon Kanga

Dianna Martinez

Alicia de Toro

Dana Nakase

Melissa Ingalls

Business/Computer Sciences Moaty Fayek 

Emily Garbe

Dave Capitolo

John Walton

Manny Cappello
Child Development Naoko Harada     
Community Education       
Counseling and Matriculation   Angela Caballero de Cordero

Robert Alexander

Andrea Santa Cruz

Will Madden

Randy Claros

Creative Arts Nancy Canter 

Paul Setzol

Dan Mitchell  

Diana Argbrite   
*Learning Resources  Lorrie Ranck  

Victoria Kahler

Sandy Cardoza

Jenny Vela

David Byars 

Cecila Hui

David Byars

Victoria Kahler

EOPS and Student Development Michele Lebleu-Burns      
Language Arts Thomas Ray 

Maryalice Bonilla

Cecilia Deck‎

Kristin Skager‎


Ly (Letty) Wong

Correna- Student Rep

Jill Quigley

Shagun Kaur

International/Intercultural Studies Division Edmundo Norte 

Marc Coronado

Jo-Ann Okabe-Kubo

Rosanna Alvarez

Nancy Olsen

Lucila Ortiz Parra

Julie Lewis 
Physical Education/ Athletics Coleen Lee-Wheat 

Danielle Von Matt

Nick Mattis

Rachel Pacheco

Arden Kragalott

Social Science and Humanities Carolyn Wilkins-Greene

Steve Nava

Nancy H. Olsen

Paul Klumpe

Jim Suits

Isaiah Nergo

Jim Nguyen
 Physical Sciences, Math and Engineering Jerry Rosenberg

Edurado Luna

Richard Lopez

Danny Tran

 Rebecca Fouquette
Disability Support Programs and Services        
College Operations Custodial Donna Jones-Dulin, AVP   Manny Dasilva
Financial Aid     Dawn O'Malley
Cal Works   Sabrina Stewart  


Shared Governance Equity Subcommittees

Academic Senate: Rene Anderson Watkins, Randy Bryant, Mayra Cruz

Classified Senate: Amelia Sanchez, Sandy Cardoza

Equity Action Council: Cynthia Kaufman, Edmundo Norte, Sandra Spensor, Anita Muthyala Kandula, Mayra Cruz.

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