Group of students

Office of Equity, Social Justice and
Multicultural Education


Weakening Oppression, Awakening Consciousness

De Anza WOAC aims to foster an understanding of intersectionality, decolonization, community building, and collective solidarity among the student population, while empowering students through their identity to push towards collective liberation.


WOAC has been in effect since winter 2018. It is supported by Office of Equity.

Winter-Spring Tentative Calendar

February 28 - 11am-1pm Diversity Day at the main quad

March 8 - 12-2pm and 6-8pm International women’s day

April 27 - 7-10pm Anti-Police Brutality Concert showcase

May 1 - 12-2pm International Workers Day

June TBA - Decolonize Yourself Conference

Meetings Hours

Weekly meetings are held every Tuesdays 10:30 AM -12:30 PM inside Office of Equity, located in the 2nd floor of the MLC building, room 250.


Equity Scholar Activist

Metages Tekabe


Phone: 408-864-5636

Contact Us

Adriana Garcia

Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday
9am - 6pm


Building: MLC 250

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Last Updated: 2/10/18