Events Calendar Policy

Events Calendar Policy

Post Your Event on the Calendar

How to Add an EventTo add an event, go to the Events Calendar and CLICK How to Add an Event  (top right section of the  Events Calendar). This will take you to the Events Calendar Login page.

You need an Events Calendar Account to log in. Request an account now.

Add an Entry

Description of Event Calendar detail fields to fill out on the De Anza events calendar form.

  1. Brief Description: This is the event title that is shown on the calendar. Maximum characters 40.

  2. Full Description: Provide enough information to give viewers a reason to attend the event. Include agenda for longer programs and/or a Web address for more information when available. Use the full url with http://www (do not end with a period).

    Example: For more information, visit (do not include a period (.) at the end of the url if placed at the end of the sentence.

  3. Category: Make a selection for type of event. If your event type is not included, please email the Web Team with your request to add a category.

  4. Date:  Select date from the drop down menus. (Use Select button to view a calendar to confirm the day/date.)

  5. Time: Select type of timed event from drop down menu under date. If Timed event is selected, enter Start and estimated End time, including a.m./p.m.

  6. Admission: Include ticket price details ONLY if there is a fee. All events are considered free unless otherwise noted.

  7. Location: Include Building and Room.

  8. Sponsor(s): Include sponsoring organizations.

  9. Contact: Include event contact name for general public questions.

  10. Phone/Email: Include contact info for event contact name.

Save Entry

CLICK the Save button (at bottom of form). You can save at anytime. The calendar month for the entry will appear. Click on the event title to return to event entry form for editing.

Edit Entry

  1. LOG IN in with your events calendar account to edit an entry.
  2. FIND and CLICK event title on the calendar. 
  3. CLICK on Edit entry to complete/edit your entry.
  4. CLICK Save at bottom when done!

Copy an Entry to Create Similar Event

  1. LOG IN in with your events calendar account to edit an entry.
  2. FIND and CLICK on an event title similar to the event you want to create. (Tip: Look for the same event the previous year.)
  3. CLICK on Copy entryto complete/edit your entry.
  4. Make changes as needed. Remember to change the date (including year), time and other pertinent information! 
  5. CLICK Save at bottom when done!

Final Step - Entry Approval

  1. Please review your entry by clicking on the event title to confirm that all fields are complete. *NOTE: Created by and Updated will not appear in published entry.
  2. Your entry will be posted to the Web Team Events Calendar Administration Account for final approval, reviewed in the morning and afternoon.
  3. You will not see the entry (unless you are logged in) until it has been approved.
  4. Time sensitive entries: Email the Web Team at if your event  is time sensitive
  5. The Web Team will review the entry, make minor corrections if necessary or ask you to provide more information in the entry before final posting.

Web Team Support

Do not hesitate to contact the Web Team at for help with the Events Calendar system.
Thank you for using this tool to keep our De Anza community informed about events on campus!


NOTE: The Marketing/Communications Department and Web Team reserve the right to edit/not accept an event listing if it does not meet  the Event Calendar criteria or the event violates local, state or federal law or college regulations.

De Anza College is a smoke-free campus.

Events Calendar Policy
Contact: Web Team


Last Updated: 8/20/14