Events Calendar Policy

Events Calendar Policy

How to Promote Your Event @ De Anza

Planning your event before you promote it

  • Confirm that the location you want to use is available and if there are any potential conflicting events on campus (check the De Anza Event Calendar  and the Internal Master Calendar (room and Main Quad bookings).
  • Include a contingency location plan during the rainy season

As you plan your event, identify your promotional or marketing goals:

  • Are you trying to fill the seats?
  • Do you want to bring attention to a particular issue or initiative, even after the event is over?
  • Do you want to deliver a particular, timely message?
  • Is the event audience limited to a group on campus?

Once you determine your goal(s), you can decide which of these promotion vehicles work best for your event. 


Ways to Promote Your Event at De Anza

Sponsoring Department or Program Web site

Whetheryour event is for everyone (film screening, speakers series) or a specific audience (staff development training, student workshop), ask the sponsoring department or organization to create a Web page about the event or list the event on its News and Events section.

VIDA-Sponsored Events
Event Images and Flyers for Use on Web Pages
  • Create graphics that can be incorporated in a Web page (72 dpi resolution at 590 px wide maximum)
  • Provide image files and editable text format of flyer to the Web content developer of the sponsoring department
  • Save a PDF version of flyer for posting on the Web for distribution (flyers with agenda details or registration forms)
De Anza Events Calendar

If the event is open to everyone, post your event on the De Anza Events Calendar.

Student Group Event Calendar Request
  • Submit event information to Office of College Life. See Events Calendar Policy for more information.
  • Include the URL to the event sponsor's Web page if available.
  • Include a PDF print version of the event flyer if available.

Faculty and Staff Group Event Calendar Request
  • Request an Events Calendar Account or submit your event information to the Web Team at See Events Calendar Policy for more information.
  • Include the URL to the event sponsor's Web page if available.
  • Include a PDF print version of the event flyer if available.
De Anza Home Page

Once an event is posted on the De Anza Events Calendar, it will be promoted from the De Anza Home Page as the date nears, usually within a week of the event. If you want the event promoted sooner or as a News and Notices item, e-mail the Web Team at with your request.


Many De Anza student groups have a Facebook presence.  Use this tool to promote your event by creating a Facebook Event Page, then linking to it from your other electronic media.

De Anza Employee Campus Memo

De Anza's Marketing/Communications Office creates a Campus Memo that is emailed to faculty and staff employees periodically. If you want your event included in this electronic publication, e-mail Marisa Spatafore at spataforemarisa@deanza

De Anza Faculty Portal

If you want to promote your event to faculty, email event details to the Web Team at  Include a link to a flyer or Web page with more information whenever possible.

Classroom and Governance Meeting Announcements

Request that an announcement be made about your event at a shared governance meetings, such as DASB and/or ICC meetings, or ask individual faculty if you may make an announcement during a class session.

Outdoor Electronic Board

Depending upon space, the outdoor electronic boards at the northern corners of campus may be used to promote open community events of broad interest.

La Voz Weekly Student Newspaper

Contact the La Voz Weekly student newspaper office to promote your event through free calendar listings and paid ads.

See the De Anza College Posting and Free Speech Policy on the Office of College Life Documents and Form Web page.

Events Calendar Policy
Contact: Web Team


Last Updated: 12/7/17