About Me


Gigi Acker, MPH, RD, founded NutritionInsights providing nutrition-focused seminars and quick cooking classes at corporations. She has presented at Cisco Systems, Electronic Arts, The Gap, Intuit, Lifescan, IBM, Yahoo, American Express, 3M and many other Fortune 500 companies. She has broadcast nutrition messages through television appearances and radio interviews in over 30 cities.

10 years ago, Gigi followed her desire to teach college students. Currently, she is happy teaching part-time at both De Anza and San Jose State University.

Classes I Teach

Spring 2019

40581NUTR 101Contemporary Nutrition
40688NUTR 102Contemporary Nutrition
44264NUTR 621Nutrition and Athletic Performance

Winter 2019

35139NUTR 104Contemporary Nutrition
31146NUTR 106Contemporary Nutrition
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