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Roberta Bloom - Mathematics

Applied Finite Mathematics 3rd ed Errata Archive

Applied Finite Mathematics 3rd edition 2016
by Sekhon/Bloom

This links to the most recently updated copy of this textbook.
It was most recently updated on 8/21/2017

If you are using this textbook file for a class and have an earlier copy of this file on your computer, tablet, or other device please download a new copy of this file to have the most recent version available. 

Below are replacement pages for printed pdf of the book with ERRATA
that have been already corrected in the online pdf file. 

Students using print copies purchased or printed before the most recent update date shown above should print and insert  replacement pages below as needed depending on the date of printing.

      Replacement Pages 10/6/2016 : Ch 2 fix equation formatting for matrices missing "-" signs

     Replacement pages 12/15/2016:129,132,144,169,178,213,251,276,315,317,339,358,360,378

     Replacement Pages 4/4/2017: 33, 132, 165, 249

Replacement Pages    8/8/2017:135,155,168,201,202,205,281,284,286,303,311,312,314,318,328,330,347

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Last Updated: 8/22/17