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Roberta Bloom - Mathematics

Math 10H Honors

Sections: Math 10H.08H and Math 10H.14H

Students interested in Math 10H need to get an add code from the instructor and drop Math 10 and add the corresponding section of Math 10H.
Add deadline is Saturday January 20 - the college strictly enforces this deadline.

Math 10H information sheet is posted on the Math 10 homepage, underneath the links for the Syllabi for Math 10.08 and Math 10.14.
Please read this to find out more about Math 10H Honors.

The first honors assignment (Combinatorics) is available to work on.
An email was sent to all students who were already enrolled in Math10H when the assignment was posted at the end of the first week of class.
To find the assignment and the supporting resources, go to FILES in COURSE STUDIO in MYPORTAL in Math 10H.08H or Math 10H.14H
This first assignment has a due date at the end of week 3: January 26
At that point, we will have enough background in probability (covered in Week 3 in Math 10) to be able to start the next honors assignment which extends our exploration of probability building on the knowledge of combinatorics from the first honors assignment.


and is  DUE WED 2/14 or THURS 2/15
It is also posted in Course Studio in MyPortal for Math10H.

The next honors assignment will have options based on whether you have a background in calculus to explore calculus based probability or an alternative option for those who do have not yet completed Math 1B.  Students enrolled in Math 1B can look over the calculus based assignment to decide whether they can handle it yet (needs integration by substitution, integration by parts, improper integrals, and l'Hopital's rule.)

Any students having difficulty with the first honors assignment can get assistance from the instructor during office hours. 

Throughout the quarter, honors work will be posted in course studio and information will be sent by email to students enrolled in Math 10H when the email is sent out via the course roster.


email icon Email: Roberta Bloom
phone icon Phone: 408.864.8591


Last Updated: 2/11/18