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CALCULUS -- 3rd quarter

This course will use CATALYST as its main website:

Enrolled students only are able to log into the Catalyst website.  Access is not available until afternoon on the first day of the quarter.Catalyst will display the schedule,  resources, and assignments organized week by week and will be updated frequently as the quarter progresses.

SYLLABUS Spring quarter 2017

Resources for Week 1, Sections 10.1, 10.2 are below.  These are also in Catalyst.

Parametric Equations Review Packet for Section 10.1

Homework for Chapter 10 Sections 10.1, 10.2

Textbook: Calculus Early Transcendentals EIGHTH edition - by Stewart & Larson
This is the same edition of the textbook used for Math 1B in WInter 2017.
If you completed Math 1B prior to Winter 2017, you may have the older 7th edition, used prior to Winter 2017.

We are NOT using Webassign for this class.

ebook access: If you have a Webassign access code from a prior quarter for this current (8th) edition of the textbook, then you need a "class key" to continue using the ebook resources.  The "class key" is posted in the Catalyst website for this class and was emailed to all students on the roster on the morning of 4/10.  Students who add the class usually will get Catalyst access  within 24 hours.  If you did not get the email and can not get into Catalyst and need me to email you the class key, email me at or and be sure to state your complete name as it appears in MyPortal.

Graphing calculator recommended: TI- 83+, 84+ are the recommended models.
Instructor uses a TI-84 in class.
TI-83, 84 calculators are available on loan from the library reserve for several hours at a time; check with library about availability. TI-83, 84 calculators may be available to rent for the quarter from the bookstore.  Check with bookstore about cost and availability. There is a limited supply at the library and at the bookstore.
The following types of calculators are NOT permitted on any exams or quizzes in this class
a) TI-89
b) any other calculator that can do symbolic mathematics or has a computer algebra system
c) any calculator that can upload and display files or documents downloaded from a computer
d) any calculator that can graph in 3D
If you have a TI-89 or calculator in one of the above categories, it will be wonderful for homework and learning BUT out of fairness to all students, you can not use it for exams or quizzes.

Topics to be covered in Math 1C:

Calculus for Parametric Curves and in Polar Coordinates, in 2 dimensions
Sequences and Series
Vectors, Lines and Planes in 3 dimensions
Calculus of Vector Valued Functions, in 3 dimensions

We cover most of the sections in chapters 10, 11, 12, 13 of the textbook

Course Outline with detailed list of topics to be covered is available on the college's public course outline site :

Student Learning Outcomes
1) Graphically, analytically, numerically and verbally analyze infinite sequences and series from the perspective of convergence, using correct notation and mathematical precision.
2) Apply infinite sequences and series in approximating functions
3) Synthesize and apply vectors, polar coordinate system and parametric representations in solving problems in analytic geometry, including motion in space



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