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Many people are hesitant to embrace the concept of online learning and wonder if it is a valid method for teaching and learning. What is it about? How does it work? Can I really feel a part of a community? Will my instructor actually teach me something? Won't I feel left out of the learning process or isolated from my classmates and instructor? These are valid questions you might have, and while distance learning is not for everyone, you CAN find a stimulating, interactive learning environment and a vibrant online community in my classes. Sometimes it helps to hear from the students themselves, so I will start to pass along some of the feedback I receive. If you have any questions about my classes, you can always send me an email to!

From C. Basso (2012) Overall, this course was much more interactive then a lot of online classes and as a student who is seeking a quality education online, I really appreciate this. You have been extremely attentive to all of us during this quarter, and I know this cannot be easy to do in this format. If there were more professors like you teaching online courses, we would all be better off. Thank you so much, I have really enjoyed my time in your class.

From K. Yim (2012)

This has been the most rewarding online class experience I've ever had. I normally don't take online classes because they're hard to keep up with. My prior experience to this class was horrible. I liked this class in particular because it was interesting and I really enjoyed the Class Cafe. Everyone participated and you (the instructor) were easy to contact and had a lot of feedback as well. When it came to argumentation, I've always thought about a persuasive essay. I've always used the classical argument, where we stated our claim at the very beginning of the essay. In this class, I learned that there are other forms of arguments (ie. delayed thesis argument, rogerian argument). Depending on your audience and your subject, different forms of arugments are better suited. What I also found helpful was how to define your audience. Depending on who they are, you should write accordingly to get your point across.

From E. Lee (2012) This course has been wonderful. I was apprehensive to take online courses, but it has allowed me to take 20 units this quarter and reduce my amount of stress. Not only have I been able to take a large course load, but I have learned many new things. I particularly enjoyed the forum discussions. I felt that our first week really set things off with the discussion of the homeless in our cities. Because participation is crucial in these online courses, I feel that discussions are more genuine and thoughtful. Everyone is required to give their input, so we always have a better discussion. From these weekly cafes, I've learned to respond to people, particularly those who I disagree with, in a respectful, yet stern way. I did not agree with certain things or responses from other colleagues in the discussion, but I quickly learned to respond without stepping on anyone else's toes. If this were an actual classroom environment, I would have simply stayed quiet. Being in an online environment has allowed me to exercise and practice respectfully disagreeing.

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From: Sarah E 7/17/2005 10:22 PM

Re: essay 1

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for the update on the essay. Also, I just wanted to say that I am so happy with the way the class is going! I feel no lack of involvement with the class and I am appreciative of your attentiveness and involvement with the students. I was hesitant about taking a class online at first but this is proving to be a great experience.

Thanks again, -Sarah

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From: Kathleen B 7/21/2005 5:51 PM

Re: Paper extension/Vacation Delete

Rebecca- YOu've been great about things. Thanks for really trying to help us. Lalo was great, too. He really helped me figure some of this computer stuff out. Have a great weekend. Kathleen

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From:  8/5/2005 9:57 AM

Thanks and Farwell Delete

Hello Prof, I sent my paper in last night and I hope you received it. There was some delayed reactions and when I hit the "submit" button again it notified me that I already sent it so hopefully so. I am quite pleased with this paper. Thanks for a wonderful classroom environment and the challenging material you chose. You really wanted us to open our eyes to these events all around us and I believe you succeeded. Looking at the forum now that we've reached the end of the class is pretty amazing.

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Some student farewells from the discussion forum:

(1) A friendly and a warm hello to all my friends,

I wish I had more words to express my happy feelings towards this class. This is my first on-line course and I was not sure about its activities. But, I found this class to be very interactive. I thank everyone for supporting and encouraging one another.

To be honest, I am really going to miss this class in the future (I don't know how I am going to pass my days without logging into the Forum). I am sure, on this coming Monday I will sit automatically infront of my computer and I will be wondering where to log-in!!!!!)Isn't it true, my friends??

I take this opportunity to thank our teacher, Ms. Rebecca Stolpe for being such a nice, warm, nurturing, supporting, encouraging and a friendly teacher.

I enjoyed studying and working with all my classmates. This class is a good example to say that, "I learnt so much of knowledge, both from my teacher and my classmates."

Thank you all and I wish you all have a great, relaxing summer time.

With warm regards, Raji S.

(2) Hey guys, this was a really rewarding class. Believe it or not, I am always the quiet one in class but this summer after taking this online class and a speech class I am glad it enabled me to make my voice heard. The topics we discussed were truly important for all of us. Uh, I still need some help with my grammar obviously but I really enjoyed ragging on the media and discussing other issues. Lalo, that was a very sweet comment and thank you for all you have done in this class. You brought some good insight to the table. Thanks to the prof, too, for making this class a bit more interesting than any other old English class. Have a great summer to all of you and good luck with the rest of your lives. -Sarah B.

(3) Farewell everyone. It was a fun ride and I'm now optimistic about the success of Distance Learning. I hope everyone does well with their future pursuits. Watch out for advertisers and the feedback loop.


(4) This was my first online class and I really enjoyed it. I hope we all won't forget what we learned this summer. i'll miss logging on to the ETUDES. In anycase, nice knowing all of you.

have a nice summer!

Bye to all- naureen

(5) I like to take a little bit more of your time and thank the people i worked with this summer. Kathleen it was an honor. Raji love your work. Sara wuz a friend from the start. You are always in my prayers. Elvia good luck! Art- much love hommie.

Much love to all who replied in harmony, and those who didn't stop hating and start participating.

This wuz fun! Hope to have the honor of meeting some of you guys in other classes. With this I respectfully excuse myself.


Look for me!!!!!

LALO R. wuz here......

(6) This turned out to be great class! Thanks to everyone in the class for creating such a dynamic group, I have learned a lot from everyone that I have interacted with. Rebecca, thank you for being such an engaging and helpful teacher.

Take care -Sarah E.

(7) Well, that six weeks went by really quick!! I am not very computer savay, but am proud to say with Lalo's help, I can now copy and paste!!! I would have been lost without you. THank you Lalo for being so patient and so willing to help me learn and sit in front of my computer with me. I sooo appreciate it. You make me want to learn all of the other little computer tricks my medical terminal doesn't do!!! I didn't post as much as I would have liked, as I was a little frustrated at times with posting in the wrong place etc....I think (finally) I have the hang of it (yeah!!!). I really enjoyed reading everyone's work. Not something you can do in a "real" classroom. It was nice and I think it stimulates ones learning and thinking process. Thank you all for participating. I hope everyone has a very enjoyable summer. I also want to thank Rebecca for being a great teacher and so helpful and encouraging to us. It makes the learning process much less intimidating. Take care all. Kathleen

(8) I had a blast in this class, and learned a great deal about grammars. I enjoyed being in this class and thanks to the help that I have received. I hope everyone have a great summer!!! -Tri

(9) Rebecca, Thank you for all of your help. With comments on papers and different assignments in grammer you really helped me to imrove my writing skills. Everybody else, thank you also. Thanks for the comments and advise on my papers. I enjoyed the difference with this class and the amount of conversation that everyone struck up. It was nice to be able to voice my opinion and recieve feed back. Thanks for everything and good luck to all of you in your future endeavours. ~Morgan

(10) I just want to thank everyone in the class, we all worked together in helping each other with our papers and in the dicussion forums. I think everyone did a good job. Everyone should be proud of themeselves we all did a good job and worked really hard these last 6 weeks. It went by really fast and took a alot of work and now we can all just relax and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Daniel E.

(11) >> From: J Griffin <> >> Subject: Re: Rebecca Board Liljenstolpe sent you a greeting card. >> Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 18:17:06 -0800 >> To: >> >> Thank you so much Professor. That really makes a difference! It >> brought a smile to my face. >> >> By the way, I am really enjoying this on-line class format. It's my >> first time. Surprisingly I feel like I'm more involved and attend >> more to my responsibilities than I did in a classroom situation. I'm >> hoping that it's not just the newness of the format and that I might >> really do well in this setting in the future. >> >> Thank you! >> J

Dear Ms. Board,

I have really enjoyed your course so far and all the classmates have been really enthusiastic and helpful. Please see below my 2-page, double-spaced self-reflection essay. The format did not come out as I said after I pasted it on Etudes and I hope this is OK.


If you have some feedback you would like to share, email this instructor.

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