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Rebecca Board Liljenstolpe - English

Plagiarism Policy

US colleges and universities expect students to submit original work and any copying of others or getting others to write your papers is unacceptable.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT VERY CAREFULLY: Students who submit the work of others in whole or in part will receive a zero and may fail the course if the plagiarism continues. This includes not only taking sentences and passages from other documents but having someone write your paper for you.

It is the student's responsibility to write their own papers, cite sources and avoid sloppy research. Do not use phrases and sentences that you did not create unless you place them in quotation marks and attribute them to their author and include a full bibliography. Do not give your paper to someone else for editing--having them repair your grammar or rewrite your sentences in any way. Not one sentence, not one paragraph, nothing!

Be sure you understand this policy: Plagiarized papers can not be revised. You will receive a zero for the assignment, and you will fail the course if you are caught a second time.

Think carefully. Resist the temptation to "get help" at the end of quarter from friends or from the internet. Plagiarism is easy to spot, especially for a writing teacher whose job it is to study language use, and I unfortunately encounter it every quarter. Don't be next! I will fail you for plagiarism and refer you to the Dean of Students. It is much better to earn a C honorably than to receive an F for cheating, so keep that in mind when writing your papers for my class.

If you feel you need to do some research but are not sure how to quote an author or document your sources, ASK ME FOR HELP. There are also several useful resources on the web that teach you how to use quotations and cite your sources.

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Last Updated: 4/25/16