Math 002A Course Philosophy and Objectives

Course Philosophy

The course will emphasize applying standard techniques for solving ordinary differential equations and help students develop and understand analytical, numerical and qualitative tools used to solve equations stemming from theoretical and practical applications.

Student Learning Outcome Statements (SLO)

• Student Learning Outcome: Construct and evaluate differential equation models to solve application problems.

• Student Learning Outcome: Classify, solve and analyze differential equation problems by applying appropriate techniques and theory.

Course Objectives

1. Understand the development and classification of differential equations.

2. Construct differential equation models from social and natural sciences and engineering.

3. Use analytical, numerical and qualitative analysis to solve and study first order ordinary differential equations.

4. Use analytical (and numerical) methods to solve second and higher order ordinary differential equations.

5. Solve systems of differential equations.

6. Find power series solutions for differential equations with variable (polynomial) coefficients, ivp.

7. Use LaPlace Transforms to solve ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients, ivp.

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