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Hassan Bourgoub - Mathematics

Course Syllabus

INSTRUCTOR Hassan. Bourgoub
OFFICE/Phone S47A/(408) 864 8806.
OFFICE HOUR Daily at 9:30AM-10:20AM.


     Perfect attendance is required of every student. You are expected to be in class daily on time and remain through the duration of class. Call every time you miss class. Two consecutive absences may constitute dismissal from class. In the event you decide to withdraw from the course, it is your sole responsibility to fill out a drop sheet and submit it to the records office.


        Homework is an integral part of the course and should be treated accordingly. It is very unlikely for most students to succeed in this class without completing all homework assignments on time.  We will use Web-Assign website for course homework and access to the textbook. You are to purchase an access code separately or bundled with a new text book. The due date for each assignment is found on the site.  All due dates are set approximately four days after the relevant material is discussed in class.  These due dates are fixed to allow for uniform distribution of course load throughout the quarter. Each assignment comprises a number of homework credits equal the number of problems in the assignment.  These credits will be scaled at the end of the quarter to a maximum of 120 course points.

Written Assignments:   

      These assignments correspond to the sections covered in the text book, and they are available in PDF format on my web page under the Assignment Link below the course schedule.  Print each assignment back to back and bring with you to the classroom based on the daily schedule for the course. These assignment are not collected, but they are used to create the three quizzes during the quarter.


     We are going to have three tests, three quizzes, and a final exam. The tests are worth 40 points each, 60 points for the quizzes, and the final exam counts for 100 points.  The lowest test score can be replaced by four tenths of the final score.  There will be no make up exams or quizzes. The final exam will be comprehensive and mandatory. Dates for all tests and quizzes are available on the course schedule.

Distribution of Course Grade

          Tests                                         120 pts

          WA Homework                         120 Pts

          Written Homework Quizzes        60 pts

          Final Exam                                100 Pts


          Total                                            400 pts

Test Performance

     Satisfactory performance on tests, quizzes, homework assignments and the final exam are necessary for passing the course. If you can not make it to class on an assignment due date, the assignment is due on the last day you attend. No late assignments will be accepted.


     The required text mentioned above, a TI84 calculator or the equivalent, lose paper, pencils and a ruler are required course materials. 

Academic Integrity

     Refer to Schedule of Classes on college policy under subtitle Academic Integrity ; in addition, cheating and plagiarism is not tolerated and will be decisively met with grade F for test/ assignment, and, or dismissal from class depending on the circumstances.


     The course grade is based on the fixed scale below. Grades aren’t given to you, they are earned by your desire and willingness to be consistent, persistent and hardworking. There are three components to the total grade in this course, in-class tests and quizzes, homework and class assignments, attendance, and a final exam.

How am I doing in this class?

     Keep all your Tests and Quizzes and record scores in the table above.  The best indicator or predictor of your course grade  is your test and quiz scores.  Add up all your exams and quizzes then divide by the total possible points and multiply the result by 100 to obtain your percent score, then use the grade scale above to determine your letter grade.


A+ 97% or above
A 94%-96%
A- 90%-93%
B+ 87%-89%
B 84%-86%
B- 80%-83%
C+ 73%-79%
C 65%-72%
D 50%-64%
F Below 50%
  Quizzes Tests W. HW Web. HW Final

                                                                         Good Luck






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phone icon Phone: 408.864.8806


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