About Me

Over 25 years of clinical microbiology experience in tertiary care hospital.

Classes I Teach

Winter 2019

34552HTEC 831Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
34553HTEC 83A1Clinical Microbiology Lecture
35579HTEC 18056FClinical Hematology/Urinalysis/Coagulation Practicum
35578HTEC 18356FClinical Microbiology Practicum
35576HTEC 18456FClinical Immunology/Immunohematology Practicum
35577HTEC 18556FClinical Chemistry Practicum

Fall 2018

01193HTEC 18055FClinical Hematology/Urinalysis/Coagulation Practicum
01194HTEC 18355FClinical Microbiology Practicum
01195HTEC 18455FClinical Immunology/Immunohematology Practicum
21620HTEC 18555FClinical Chemistry Practicum
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