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Dr.Juanita Cordero - CD64

CD 64 Green sheet Tuesday Evening

Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child
Professor: Dr. Juanita Cordero
Spring 2011
Location: Child Development Bldg.
Phone: (408) 864-8894
Office: CD1-10G
E-mail: corderojuanita@fhda.edu
Room: 10G
Time: 6:30.m. to 9:10 p.m.
Day: Tuesday

Office Hours:
Availability before class or by individual appointment.

Required texts and syllabus:
Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education, by Cathie Robertson (Fourth Edition)
The brown scantron No. 2052 will be used for some tests.

Please bring a picture of yourself by the second class meeting to insert into your folder. 3 extra points if brought in on time.

Course Description:
Topics such as health, safety, diseases, and nutritional practices for the protection of children will be covered. This course includes infant, child, and adult first aid. This fulfills the state licensing requirements for everything except CPR. This class may be taken through the Red Cross, American Heart Association or here on campus - Health 57E.

Course requirements:

Attendance and class participation is a requirement. Students who are absent for more than 2 class sessions without calling the instructor may be dropped from the class. It is the responsibility of the student to drop officially from the class before the drop date otherwise a grade will be assigned according to the points earned . Participation includes arriving on time, actively participating in-group discussions, and remaining for the entire class. Arriving late is disruptive to the instructor and the students in the class. Last day to drop with a “W” is Friday Feb. 26th.

A number of videos are shown during this course to illustrate research in progress and new concepts discussed in class. Treat videos, as you would lecture, by taking good notes. Videos serve as a good basis for many quiz questions.

Quizzes are given throughout the quarter. If a student is ill and cannot take the test on the given date, it is then the student’s responsibility to inform the instructor before the exam. The test must be completed within the week before the next class session with the instructor’s permission. You will not be allowed to take the exam once the next class has started.

Grades based on a percentage of points earned. I teach many students per year, each of who have multiple grades. It is inevitable that an occasional grade will be misplaced or misreported. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep all your work returned to you in your folder and a continual record of your scores earned.


A+ 97% 291 300
A 93% 279  
A- 90% 270  
B+ 87% 261  
B 83% 249  
B- 80% 240  
C+ 77 231  
C 73% 219  
D+ 67% 201  
D 63% 189  
D- 60% 180  

3 assignments:    25 & 50 points
3 tests:  50 points each
Final:  50 points

Class Schedule:

Jan. 5th
Chapter 10&11: Introduction to the class. Promoting Good Health for children and Tools for Promoting Good Health in Children

Chapter 12: Infection Control in Child Care and Handwashing, Lead Poisoning
Assignment #1

Chapter 12 and 13 Supportive Health Care, Immunizations, Infectious diseases
Quiz #1 Ch.10,11,&12 /50 points

Jan. 26th
Chapter 14 Child Maltreatment

Feb. 2nd.
Chapter 15 Children with Disabilities or Special Needs
Guest speaker: TBA Jan King, Parent’s Helping Parents  http://www.php.com
Assignment #2

Feb. 9th
Chapter 6 Basic Nutrition
Quiz #2 Chapters 12, 13,14,&15 /50 points

Feb. 16th
Chapter 7 Protecting Good Nutrition

Feb. 23rd

Chapter 8: Providing Good Nutrition

 ***Extra Credit: If you wish 5 extra points in this class you may bring in a healthy snack for 8 people. Please provide a typed recipe which you will put into your folder during the night of the class.  Late recipes will not be accepted.  Please do not bring processed or junk foods. 

March 2nd.

Chapter 9 Menu Planning and Food Safety
Assignment #3


March 9th

Safe Babes Guide to First Aid and Chapter 3& 4 If you miss a First Aid class then you will need to make it up before receiving your certificate. If you are more than 5 minutes late then you will be considered absent. You must attend both classes to pass the First Aid section
Quiz #3 Chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9

March 16th

Safe Babe Guide to First Aid and Chapter 5

March 23rd.
Final Exam (Quiz #4) Chapters 3,4&5 / 50 points
Tuesday 6:15 -8:15
No make up finals given

Written Assignments:

Assignments are due in class on the assigned due date. A 5 to 10 point penalty will be assessed for late assignments. Resubmits must be turned in by the next week.   Please have someone proofread your paper before you turn it in.  Late assignments must be marked LATE, to receive credit and must be turned into your personal folder by the following week otherwise they will not be accepted for grading.  Put it on the front desk.  Please do not e-mail or put assignments in my mailbox. All assignments must be typed, 1.5 spacing or double space and stapled together. The use of complete sentences, correct spelling, and grammar are expected. Have someone proof read your papers before you turn them in. Please use a 12 font. No assignments will be accepted in pen or pencil.

Important Information: -Good practices: Avoid plagiarism and cheating. "Plagiarism is defined by the college as presenting the work of others without crediting them." This is considered a breach of academic integrity and is to result in a 0 on your paper and possible suspension from the college.
This site will help you with your papers.


Please turn off all electronic devices when entering the classroom.  Text messaging is reserved for outside the classroom only. Any student doing so or found using their phone will be dismissed from the class.

Contactemail Email: corderojuanita@fhda.edu
Phone: 408.864.8894
Office: CD2.c21 2nd Bldg

Hours: Tues./Thurs

Other days by arrangement

Child Development & Education Department


Last Updated: 3/3/11