Juanita Cordero Education 1

Dr.Juanita Cordero - Education 1

Final Exam

Part 1

Think of an idea that will change a child and put it into action.  Type a minimum of two full pages describing what you did to help a student or students in your classroom this year describing how you made a difference in their lives.  This is worth 25 points  Please make sure you have correct grammar, spelling, and complete sentences.  Have someone proof read your paper first.  No late papers will be accepted. Turn this in on Monday December 6th.

Part 2

The second part of the final is 25 multiple choice questions worth 1 point each. (25 points) You will need a scantron.

****All weekly time sheets are due on Monday December 6th.  Make sure you total your hours. Staple them together and place them in your folder.


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