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Final Study Guide

These are the topics that may be covered on the final exam.

Education in Early America

The New England colonies, Massachusetts Act of 1642, The middle Colonies, The Southern Colonies, Dame Schools, The common Schools, Teaching opportunities for women, Horn book, The New England Primer, Harvard University, Benjamin Franklin Academy, Thomas Jefferson - free public education, Noah Webster, Blueblack Speller, Common Schools,  1852 Massachusetts compulsory education law, Mary Lyon, Horace Mann, Public and private schools, John Wood - Room to Read

Special Needs Children, Gifted, Testing

Mainstreaming, IEP, Down syndrome, OCD, Bullying, Autism, Dr. Temple Grandin, Parents Helping Parents, Gate Program, Stanardized Testing, Teach for America, Homeschooling,


1900's -Slates and Chalkboards,  Gramaphone, phonograph, slide projector, 1940's to 60's Films and filmstrips, Ditto machines, mimeograph machine to copiers,  videos, DVD's, Internet - Tim Berners-Lee, hypelinks, facebook, texting, plagarism, cell phones, i pad, i tunes LCD projectors, Smart Boards

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